The stories brands tell can impact and change the world. This fundamental belief underscores our motivation for creating a real-time tool to help increase the impact of companies’ diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) efforts.

We have seen brands like Dove be a force for good in redefining perceptions around beauty. We have witnessed brands like Cheerios shift the notion of what American families look like today. With our DEI Barometer, we are looking to help more brands realize the power of incorporating DEI as a key pillar of their brand’s business strategy.

We’ve used our knowledge to build a tool that helps companies understand how they can better speak to marginalized communities. Specifically, our platform analyzes the abundance of public social media data using AI techniques to create actionable and testable recommendations.


The DEI Barometer is an AI-backed platform that helps brands take a pulse on how their DEI

initiatives are resonating with audiences. The tool allows brands to uncover insights and make

decisions against the pillars of sexual identity, race and ethnicity, gender, age, class, and disability.

With this data available in real-time, brands can better shape how they communicate to their diverse mix of stakeholders – from their employees to their consumers.


Output: The tool will provide information related to each Brand’s DEI Index, Brand Love, share of voice, share of engagement, average engagement per post, relevance by pillar.

  • Creates an easy-to-use “real-time” dashboard solution to track DEI

  • Provides daily, ongoing insights

  • Helps brands to set metrics, track progress, create programs and adjust programming and/or communications as needed. 

  • Produces monthly reports, set quarterly meetings to review findings


The DEI Barometer has helped Fortune 200 companies improve their DEI efforts. By making DEI concepts concrete and trackable, these companies have significantly improved employee sentiment, forged new customer relationships, grown organic performance by over 30x against their competitors, and secured ongoing investment in their DEI efforts.

With the DEI Barometer, you have the power to take a pulse on how your DEI initiatives are resonating with your brand’s audiences.

DEI Barometer awarded silver in Webby’s inaugural Anthem Awards

Silver Award winner in the category: Diversity Equity and Inclusion | Innovation